Jersey Pottery’s Sardine Run and Helice are the perfect match for a beautiful lazy summer lunch.  Inspired by antique Vietnamese pottery, Jersey Pottery Sardine Run is named after the annual mass spawning of sardines in Southern Africa. The colours of Jersey Pottery Sardine Run ceramics are evocative of the sparkling waters of the mighty Atlantic and Indian oceans and its bold contemporary design combines the interlocked shapes of individual fish to create a stunning collection of casual tableware equally at home in a sun-drenched seaside villa as a chic city apartment.  Helice is a range of fine stoneware that includes mugs, jugs, serving bowls and platters. Inspired by a majestic ship’s propeller, and with a colour redolent of the Turquoise Sea through which it turns, Helices’ calming aquatic blue-green hues add serenity and classic beauty to any home. Available in Chalk and Navy. Helice is made from Stoneware.