Seafood Week is a unique eight-day campaign which runs from 7-14th October 2016. Celebrating the amazing variety of fish and shellfish available in the UK, it was designed to encourage people to eat more fish, more often.

Jersey Pottery has a beautiful selection of tableware with fish and shellfish designs which are perfect for celebrating Seafood Week. Whether you’re looking for something to serve your seafood on, or simply want to admire the beautiful designs, we have a variety of ranges available to suit all tastes.

Seaflower by Jersey Pottery comprises 12 attractive fish and shellfish designs: American Lobster, Atlantic Salmon, Blue Crab, Blue Lobster, Crab, John Dory, Mackerel, Mussel, Oyster, Scallop, Shrimp and Tuna. The range brings together Jersey & North America’s marine life to create a unique collection of fine porcelain plates, platters, bowls and mugs, as well as tablemats and coasters.

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Sardine Run
Inspired by antique Vietnamese pottery, Sardine Run is named after the annual mass spawning of sardines in Southern Africa. The colours of Jersey Pottery Sardine Run ceramics are evocative of the sparkling waters of the mighty Atlantic and Indian oceans. The bold contemporary design combines the interlocked shapes of individual fish to create a stunning collection of casual tableware.

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Harlequin is a sophisticated yet casual collection of fine bone china tableware. The fish plates, platters, mugs and jugs are decorated with ornate pastel-coloured fish with glimmering rhombus-shaped scales. Each piece in the Jersey Pottery Harlequin range is finished with a hand-painted turquoise rim to produce a beautiful, elegant set of ceramics perfect for a seaside lunch or moonlit dinner.

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