Schools & Contract Catering

Jersey Pottery now provides the catering in eight schools and colleges and two nurseries in the Island. In delivering our service we are guided by principles of ensuring children and students receive a balanced, healthy diet. We work alongside the States of Jersey in delivering the three-year 'Healthy Eating for Schools' campaign.

We are also fully committed to supplying sustainable food to our schools and nurseries wherever possible and ensuring that we and our suppliers adhere to best practice in all links in the food chain, from sourcing to preparation to serving. By sourcing locally wherever possible to limit the food miles incurred, the distance food travels from sea or field to plate is kept to a minimum. Some of the best natural products and foods are readily available on Jersey’s doorstep and we are proud to promote them to the children, Students and Teachers we serve. We also are working in partnership with local suppliers to provide great food produced in Jersey where ever possible.

WisePay - Online Payment for School Lunches - Click Here

We are very pleased to announce that from the start of the new school year in Autumn 2011, we will be operating the new ‘smart card’ system for all pupils at Les Quennevais, Haute Vallée, Grainville, Hautlieu, Beaulieu and Victoria College. The ‘smart card’ is a plastic card (similar to a credit card), that uses a microchip to hold credit values allowing the pupils daily access to funds without having to carry loose or large amounts of money around every day. The ‘smart card’ till system simply deducts any sale value from the pupils personal card balance. The card enables the pupil to purchase food and drink we serve in Jersey schools and nurseries.

We are introducing the smart cards so you can be assured that your child uses the lunch money you give them only for healthy school lunches rather than for confectionary and fizzy drinks at the local shop. Also, with your own registration number and password you will be able to securely view your child’s daily purchases online.

The first card is free of charge, however, should any smart card be lost or stolen, it must be reported promptly to any of the Catering team so that the card can be cancelled and the balance transferred to the new card. This will incur a £5.00 replacement and administration fee..

Payments can be made 24 hours a day securely on-line by clicking on the ‘WisePay’ link abovewhere you will be transferred to a secure registration and payment system for your child’s card.

If you have queries or questions about the above, please do not hesitate to contact me at